I get it, I get it… “times are tough”

But come on already, really.

Sure, when times were good and everyone and their brother could afford a house in the burbs with a boat, SUV and RV in the driveway just because they screwed on a bolt or pressed a button every 17 seconds as a career – it was easy to find new customers to service.

Heck if you couldn’t find enough customers then to stay incredibly busy you just weren’t even trying.

But… “them times are gone!”

The harsh truth is that there are A LOT of business owners who’ve never taken the time to REALLY understand what it takes to build a successful, lucrative, systematized (I know I hate that word too) prospect attracting, customer converting, client retaining BUSINESS.

And if they did happen to stumble upon a resource or someone willing to mentor them, they were either too lazy to put in an effort or they would dismiss the whole idea of learning something new as bloody unnecessary.

Well guess what?


Ya I know, the unemployment rate is creeping ever closer towards 10%. But doesn’t that mean that there are still over 90% of the statistical working population, ummm… working?

If you’re business has just been coasting along up until now letting ad reps make your marketing decisions and getting your ideas of how to run your company from copycatting your competition, it’s time to buck up and stop blaming outside forces for YOUR current situation.

If you aren’t doing so in earnest already, you need to start learning how to implement; magnetic attraction prospecting, a killer customer experience and extreme client retention strategies and tools into your service business NOW.

But please, don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a great blog post I read the other day from Havi Brooks that hits home this important point in true Havi style.

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